Danbury Arts in Action

Many youth today lack opportunities to find their voice and place.

Let's help them find their place in our community.

A Common Ground is now working on a partnership with Youth Advancement Through Music and Arts (http://youthadvancement.org/danbury-arts-in-action/) , YATMA, starting an outreach music program named 'Danbury Arts In Action'.  It is very exciting and will bring opportunity for many young people of oçur community to feel supported, and empower them in a positive environment in order for them to grow into creative and confident individuals.  An important goal for our initiative is to have an interest in contributing directly to our community by giving a real sense of belonging and showing they can make a difference.  

The program will offer long-term, high quality, progressive fine arts training that's delivered with a strengths-based mentoring approach.  We will be reaching out to at-risk individuals, mostly youth to start, in all capacities, offering scholarships as well as a full program for anyone interested in this kind of growth.

 Creative Arts to Creative Lives


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Want more information? Call Jill at 791.9850 or Mary-Helen at 885.7939

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